Zoodles, aka zucchini noodles! Or, depending where you are in the world, courgette! I think zoodles sound better than coodles, though! 😉

What are zoodles? Basically it’s a zucchini sliced into noodles! Why eat them? I originally started eating zoodles to replace high carb pasta. Now though, I just love eating zoodles (even if I’m not watching my carbs so closely anymore.) It’s a great way to get some extra veggies in your diet!

I first spotted zoodles on instagram a few years ago. All the fitspo accounts were filled with zoodle meals! I scoured the net for a zoodle maker (later finding out it was actually called a spiralizer) and bought a small handheld version on eBay. It did the job, but it was quite hard to handle and clean. With it being so difficult to use, I eventually stopped making zoodles. That is, until I found this beauty from K-Mart!

I picked up my new spiralizer for a bargain $15! It’s super easy to use and clean! It has reignited my love for zoodles. I’ve only tried zucchini so far, but keen to try other veggies soon! If you can’t find the spiralizer at K-Mart, I did notice that The Reject Store was also selling a version for $20.

Now, how do I cook them? I either toss them in a pan with a bit of oil spray or simply microwave them to soften.

Check out my instagram video post for a quick demo and some meals I’ve made.


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