Coffee hunting in Makati

IMG_20151027_111255-001A self-confessed coffee addict, I must drink 2 cappuccinos a day. So even before boarding the plane to Manila, I started researching coffee options for my week-long stay. Would I be able to find a decent tasting coffee within walking distance of my Makati condo? Would I survive the week?

Let me just say, Aussies are extremely spoilt for choice when it comes to coffee. We have good coffee, everywhere! Every street corner, office building lobby, train station, food court, shopping centre…a decent cup of joe is never far away.

During my week in Makati, I tried a 1-2 different coffees a day, from a range of places, including popular coffee chains, local cafes and restaurants as well as high-end hotels. I drank around 10 coffees during the week and there were 2 cafes that really stood out.

Toby’s Estate

Located in Salcedo Village, Toby’s Estate is a little piece of coffee heaven. I had been searching for good coffee for days, so I made a special trip to Toby’s Estate for a much needed caffeine hit. Toby’s Estate is an Australian coffee company, so I was quite confident their coffee would satisfy my craving. They sure did not disappoint! It was like drinking liquid gold. I enjoyed 2 coffees there and even got a take-away coffee for the short ride home. Yes, it was that good! I didn’t get a chance to try the food, but will certainly add it to my brunch list for the next Manila visit.



I visited Yardstick in Legazpi Village for brunch on my last day in Manila. Yardstick is definitely the place for those who love and know their coffee. Speciality beans, coffee pour overs, cold brew, this is not your average Manila coffee shop. Yardstick know their coffee so well that they also also run regular coffee workshops.


Stronger than my cup at Toby’s Estate, I indulged in 2 coffees. I also enjoyed the beef brisket & egg sandwich (below left). My local brunch buddies also tried the coffee and food. They tried the raclette & eggs on ciabata (below right).


and buttermilk waffles with homemade salted caramel, vanilla ice-cream & almonds. A sweet tooth’s delight!!


Of the 2 cafes, I liked the coffee better at Toby’s Estate, but would not hesitate revisiting Yardstick again. Maybe Toby’s Estate is what I’m used to, or maybe I was just feeling a little homesick for Australia. 😉 Thanks for satisfying my caffeine cravings, Toby’s Estate and Yardstick!


Toby’s Estate
125 L. P. Leviste Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati City

106 Esteban Street,
Legaspi Village, Makati City
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