So, I think I’m a fairly tech savvy. I pick up technology and particularly apps pretty quickly (I hope so! It’s my job!) Last weekend I was talking to my friend’s teenage kid about Snapchat. Wow, I thought I knew it all! Nope, I learnt a few new tricks. Which got me thinking, what other things can I do with Snapchat? So off I went to find out more. Here’s my top three finds.
More text, please
Have a lot to say, but don’t have enough characters left? Hooray, there’s an easy way around this. Open up your Notes / Google Keep / etc app. Type your text. Select and copy text. Paste it into the Snapchat text field. Ta-dah! What was it you were saying?
Two or more filters is better than one
Want to use that amazing beautify filter AND tell people the time? Oh, that’s two filters. Oh, but you can!! Apply one filter as normal and then hold one finger down on the screen while using another finger to swipe for your second filter. Once applied, you can add your third filter. It may take a few goes, but believe me it works! The picture above shows three filters.
Story time from your camera roll
This is my greatest Snapchat find! Yes, today you can send photos from your camera roll to individual friends …but, you can’t add it to your Story! Well, I’ve found and tested a third party app that lets you do this! Enter UploadnRoll! The other day I was actually trying to figure out how to add a screenshot of my Spotify playlist to my Story. This is the perfect way to share that! Download and install the app. Log in using your Snapchat details. Select a photo or video in your camera roll. Add text, doodles, emojis, change the photo time limit on your selected photo or video. Send it to your Story or friends. Go back into Snapchat and you’ll see your photo or video there! I particularly like this for security reasons. I can snap and share away without anyone finding me!

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