The royal treatment – Abhasa Spa, The Royal Hawaiian Resort

When on vacation, I always spend a day (or two) at the spa. This girl likes her pampering!

On my most recent trip to Hawaii, I tried Abhasa Spa in the Royal Hawaiian Resort. Affectionately known as the “Pink Palace of the Pacific”, the Royal Hawaiian Resort is one of  the most luxurious resorts in Waikiki.

Having tried Moana Lani Spa (Moana Surfrider Resort) and Serenity Spa (Outrigger Reef Resort) a few times, I wanted to try somewhere new. I was tossing up between Abhasa and SpaHalekulani (Halekulani Resort). But, as soon as I found that Abhasa offered treatments in outdoor cabanas, I knew I just had to try it!


This is the main entry to the Royal Hawaiian Resort. You will see that the building is bright pink and the gardens are just beautiful!


Abhasa Spa is nestled within the Royal Hawaiian Resort’s gardens. Walk straight through the grand lobby and then follow the winding garden path to your left. Yes, I did get a little lost trying to find it! The grounds are massive! :)

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Abhasa Spa has a small indoor jacuzzi (pictured above) and sauna. Come earlier to enjoy the facilities before your treatment. Abhasa Spa provide bathrobes, towels and slippers for you to wander around in.

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There are different teas and juices provided in the waiting lounge. The waiting lounge is just by the entry to the cabana area. This lounge is also shared with the men.


Cabanas! Where all the magic happens! Private cabanas are located in the lush gardens of the palace. Before my massage, my therapist offered massage upgrades sugh as using a premium oil…but I just went with the standard. To be honest, a massage at the Abhasa Spa is quite pricey, I really did not need the ‘premium’ oil charge on top. :). Oh yes, the therapist drew the curtains during my treatment.


When it’s time to step back into reality, there is a vanity area for you to freshen up. Everything is provided, such as shampoo, soap, cleansers, toners, moisturisers, lotions, brushes, hair dryers, etc.

I loved my time at Abhasa Spa. I particularly liked having my treatment outdoors and listening to the birds sing in the trees above and hearing the ocean in the distance. It was definitely something different!  There are only a few negative things I would comment. Unfortunately, there is no pool access, I like swimming and lounging by the pool before my treatment. Also, I felt the spa’s lounge areas were too small. They were not really a place I would stay very long in to relax and ‘lounge’. Still, a great day spa to try, especially for that outdoor experience!

Tips! There are usually deals on Abhasa Spa’s Facebook or Instagram pages. Check those out before you book.

Would I go back again? Yes, I think so. Still, I may have to try SpaHalekulani before coming back.

Ms Jay Emm

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