TEDx Sydney 2016

What a wonderful day at TEDxSydney! My second time, this was even better than my first. The highlights for me…
❌ Jordan Nguyen’s talk on virtual reality. Jordan’s talk resonated with me as I also work with technology. Technology has always fascinated me, but even more, how people use technology. Watch Jordan’s talk (around 1:02 on the video).
❌ Monte Carlo biscuit served at afternoon tea. I wish I ate more! I did sneak one home, though! :)
❌ The wonderful conversations I had during the day. All walks of life!
❌ The amazing TEDxSydney crew who kept us organised, fed and hydrated. Thank you!

Read on for more of my TEDxSydney 2016 experience…

TEDxSydney, bright and early

The Sydney Opera House, bright and early, before the thousands arrived.

Photo 28-05-2016, 1 05 21 PM

Speakers made us think, laugh and cry

So many inspiring speakers! My favourite was Jordan Nguyen’s talk, but Kelli Jean was a close second. Kelli Jean uses the body as a site to explore themes of identity, queer and feminist theory and societies obsession with “perfection”.

Photo 28-05-2016, 1 04 28 PM

Our stomachs were very happy

We were fed and hydrated all day long! ‘Food brings us together’ was the underlying theme of the TEDxSydney 2016 food program. Members of the TEDxSydney community shared recipes close to their heart and a selection  was chosen and served on the day. I loved reading the stories behind the food served (and eating the food, of course!). Check out the food we were lucky to taste in the TEDxSydney 2016 Recipe Book.

Photo 25-05-2016, 10 49 04 AM

Our ears were spoilt

We were very spoilt listening to amazing performances inside Australia’s most famous venue!

Photo 25-05-2016, 12 37 04 PM

Thank you, TEDxSydney!

Thank you, TEDxSydney for another fantastic day. I’ll be back next year! Guaranteed!


Ms Jay Emm

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