A self-confessed coffee addict, I must drink 2 cappuccinos a day. So even before boarding the plane to Manila, I started researching coffee options for my week-long stay. Would I be able to find a decent tasting… View Post

Last weekend I joined 40 or so Sydney food bloggers at KIN by us to sample new dishes by the lovely Uel and Shannelle of My Kitchen Rules fame. There were lots of great dishes served on the… View Post

I absolutely love brunch! It is such a luxury to spend the morning leisurely eating out and drinking my coffee in a cup, as opposed to rushing around with a takeaway coffee in my hand! I met with… View Post

Zoodles, aka zucchini noodles! Or, depending where you are in the world, courgette! I think zoodles sound better than coodles, though! 😉 What are zoodles? Basically it’s a zucchini sliced into noodles! Why eat them? I originally… View Post