What a wonderful day at TEDxSydney! My second time, this was even better than my first. The highlights for me… ❌ Jordan Nguyen’s talk on virtual reality. Jordan’s talk resonated with me as I also… View Post

So, I think I’m a fairly tech savvy. I pick up technology and particularly apps pretty quickly (I hope so! It’s my job!) Last weekend I was talking to my friend’s teenage kid about Snapchat.… View Post

I finally got the latest Instagram update that supports multiple accounts! No more logging in and out between my accounts! After testing countless third party apps, trying different work-arounds, and even using two phones, Instagram has… View Post

I love hotel day spas, and let’s face it, what’s not to love?! Grand lobbies, luxurious pools, relaxing jacuzzis, fluffy robes and slippers, and that’s all before you even start the pampering. Over the last couple… View Post

Photo credit: www.thespa.com.ph Makati is one busy place! The financial centre of Manila, you’ll find major corporations, banks, embassies, schools, restaurants, bars, major shopping centres and of course, traffic! I love it all! I spend a… View Post