Last week, I took a beautiful ‘country’ drive to Windsor to check out Easy Lane. With a gorgeous garden setting, extensive drinks list and delicious paddock to plate inspired menu, Easy Lane is a hidden gem and a… View Post

Photo credit: Makati is one busy place! The financial centre of Manila, you’ll find major corporations, banks, embassies, schools, restaurants, bars, major shopping centres and of course, traffic! I love it all! I spend a… View Post

Filipinos love to eat, I kid you not. I visit the Philippines every couple of years and have to physically and mentally prepare myself for the eating marathon. Food comas are experienced on a daily… View Post

A self-confessed coffee addict, I must drink 2 cappuccinos a day. So even before boarding the plane to Manila, I started researching coffee options for my week-long stay. Would I be able to find a decent tasting… View Post